Past Stars

Shenandoah Secret “Secret”

2006 15.3h Grey Thoroughbred Mare | Owned by Rae and Bob Carson | Intermediate

Shenandoah Secret is the definition of the statement “once you’ve had a good mare you’ll never want anything different”. Secret is the world’s ultimate over achiever. She puts forth 110% in everything that is asked of her. Her heart for the sport of eventing is enormous with the talent to follow it up. She is a careful, tidy, athletic show jumper with tons of scope. She is the ultimate cross country machine; she digs in with her incredible gallop ears pricked jumping confidently looking for the next jump before she lands from the last. “This is one of the most special horses I’ve ever had the chance to ride. She is completely tuned in to me and all that I ask of her.”

Baileymenta Z “Bailey”

2006 16.2h Bay Holsteiner Mare | Owned by Shannon Stimson | Preliminary/1*

Bailey is a unique mare with qualities that encompass a winning upper level event horse. Bailey was imported from England to be a show hunter/show jumper. She started her career in the US showing the top hunter circuit in Wellington. Lindsay found that all of the qualities that made her a bit tough in the hunter ring turned out to be what made her the perfect serious event horse. She is the most self-confident horse Lindsay feels that she has ever ridden. She is absolutely fearless and is as determined and strong willed as they come. She jumps around the show jump with ease and style and she has taken to the cross-country as if it was second nature to her, studying the terrain and confidently figuring out each cross-country question as they come. She entered her eventing career at the Training level in October 2013 and successfully completely her first one-star a year later. The harder the questions the better this mare responds! She has yet to be challenged!

Buckharo “Bucky” (SOLD – CONGRATS BETH)

1999 16h Grey Thoroughbred Gelding | Owned by Beth Sokohl | Advanced Three-Day Eventer

“Buckharo is responsible for my love of eventing and a large portion of my general understanding of dressage, show jump, and cross country. I claimed Bucky off the steeplechase track from the barn where I was galloping. He showed all the potential and heart in the world and I had to have him. He taught me how to retrain a racehorse through and through. It was this horse that instilled my desire to want to retrain OTTBs. Bucky and I worked our way up the levels; the two of us learning the sport together. He gave me all the confidence and desire in the world. I sold Bucky before I went to college where he has since gone forward to be an adult amateur packer and then on to an Advanced Level eventer.”

Try This “T”

2006 16.3h Grey Thoroughbred Gelding | Owned by Beth Sokohl | Intermediate Three-Day Eventer

T was bought from a steeplechase barn, Kinross Farm, in July of 2011 where he was in work as a Timber horse. He has since quickly switched his focus and has shown promise in the eventing world. He has all the ingredients to be a true upper level horse- scope, talent, and courage. He competed through the Intermediate level with loads more to show.
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