Alfarabi (SOLD)

Sam McGuire “Sport” (SOLD – CONGRATS ANDREW)

2009 16.1h Grey Thoroughbred Gelding | Training Level Eventer

Sport is a 16 hand grey 2009 unraced homebred TB. He is a winning Novice horse with experience at the Training level and the talent and scope to move up the levels with ease. He is a super mover with a beautifully shaped jump in both the show jump and cross country phases. He has a very workmanlike personality. Once he understands the job at hand he commits his entire focus to it regardless of what is going on around him. Sport is owned by his breeders and has been brought along the right way with a very solid foundation capable of excelling in whatever job you chose for him- his avenues are limitless!

Annabelle Lee “Annie” (SOLD – CONGRATS SUKI)

2006 16.2h Grey Percheron Cross Mare | Fox Hunter

Annie is one of those horses that perfectly fits the description “all arounder.” She has experience in low level eventing, trail riding, and fox hunting. She is happy to do whatever job is placed in front of her on any given day. She has the capability of hunting first and second field with an amateur, jump around a 3 foot show jump course with ease, and go on a 2 hour trail ride with a group of people with her head low and in the groove.

Kent’s Irish Harp “Kirby” (SOLD – CONGRATS SHELBY)

2006 14.3h Palomino Connemara Gelding | Fox Hunter

Kirby is the lady’s or strong riding kid’s perfect fox hunter. He has very polite hunt manners, all the ability and talent to jump around first field at whatever he is pointed to; and better yet he is as cute as they come!

Sassy Alarm “Sassy” (SOLD)

2004 15.3h Grey Thoroughbred Mare | Fox Hunter

Sassy came to Lindsay after having a foal to find the career best suited for her. She took right to fox hunting and especially enjoyed the action of the hounds and the chase. Her natural gallop, balance, and ability to jump out of stride was one all whips are looking for. We quickly realized her calling was to be a handy staff horse – and that she was!

Duke “Roanie Pony” (SOLD – CONGRATS JANIE)

2007 14.2h Roan Connemara Cross Gelding | Fox Hunter

Roanie Pony gives and receives the most pleasure out of fox hunting than we have seen in a long while. He absolutely loves to hunt and gives his rider the same fun. He has a very round jump giving you the confidence to trot up to jumps that are over his ears.

Corrado Pelli “Corrado” (SOLD – CONGRATS JENNIFER)

2006 16.3h Grey Holsteiner Gelding | Fox Hunter

Corrado has taken to his second career of fox hunting as if he were made to do it! He was imported from the Czech Republic with all intentions of being a top level show jumper. He fulfilled these expectations as he was on the top show circuit for the first four years once he hit US soil. He then decided he needed a change of scenery from the ring for a while. Jennifer scooped him up and he is in the making to be one of the top hunters in the field.

Sir Pinkerton “Pinky” (SOLD – CONGRATS WENDY)

2001 13.3h Roan Welsh Cross Gelding | Fox Hunter/School Pony

Pinky is one of the most renowned ponies in the hunt field. He has taught countless people from kids to adults the ropes in the hunt field. He is one of the smartest ponies who knows all the details of his job through and through. He is responsible for instilling the love and confidence of fox hunting in so many people. He is now helping his owner find the confidence she has been searching for!

The Silver Man “Paddy” (SOLD – CONGRATS COLLEEN)

2008 16.1h Grey Irish Sport Horse Gelding | Fox Hunter/Eventer

Paddy is one of the easiest going, adaptable horses we have met in a long time. He is always ready and willing to do whatever job is asked of him each day with his ears pricked. He is as naturally balanced and adjustable as they come!

Dubai Review “Dubai” (SOLD – CONGRATS LOKI)

2007 16.2h Bay Thoroughbred Gelding | Fox Hunter

Dubai has the looks of a proper english fox hunter and the personality and talent to follow just that. He was a steeplechaser for Neil Morris, head trainer at Kinross Farm, who then converted him into his second job of fox hunting. He is a gentleman in the hunt field who has the scope to slowly trot up to any fence we come across.


2007 17h Chestnut Belgian Draft Cross Gelding | Fox Hunter

Charley is a first field fox hunter that will go all day on the hardest fox hunting days. He has an extremely athletic jump and absolutely loves his job. He is more of a gentleman’s ride as he can get a bit strong. He loves to be up front and in the action. A true first field hunter.

Maggie Mae “Maggie” (SOLD – CONGRATS MARY ANN)

2007 16.3h Bay Percheron Cross Mare | Fox Hunter

Maggie is an extremely athletic, confident, and well balanced mare. From the moment you sit on her you feel safe and ready for what’s next. She is adaptable enough to go around the ring with a beginner and the next day be hunting first field with Orange County!


2006 16h Bay Thoroughbred Gelding | Training Level Eventer

Fu San is a genuinely good all around guy. He started his eventing career in the spring of 2012 and has been excelling since. Fu San is currently competing confidently at the Training level – finishing in the ribbons each time out. This boy has Adult Amateur or Young Rider horse written all over him. He is super quiet and very straightforward – a blast to ride in all three phases.


2005 17h Liver Chestnut Draft Cross Mare | Fox Hunter

Unison is a made fox hunter. She is as easy as they come and allows you to hang on and enjoy the ride. She has hunted 3 seasons with the Piedmont Fox Hounds and the last 2 seasons with Orange County as well. She is quiet in every situation she has been placed in the hunt field. She is able to jump big fences and keep up with fast and rigorous hunts. On the other hand, she is happy just to follow along and take it easy on slow days. She is large enough for a man yet easy and light enough for a woman.


2004 15.2h Chestnut Quarter Horse Cross Gelding | Fox Hunter

Bentley is an easy going horse who is happy to do whatever you have on the docket for him that day. He excels with beginners learning the ropes on the trails, in the ring, and in the hunt field. He is happy wherever you put him. He hunts beautifully in a snaffle and is always looking to please!


2006 15.3h Grey Percheron/Thoroughbred Mare | All-Arounder

Willow is a young prospect with a big heart and a kind demeanor. She has basic flat work, grid work, and xc schooling to take in whatever direction you please. She is a doll to be around and is looking for her next owner to shape her in the direction they would like to go. Her number one goal is to please her rider.

Rebels Party Girl “Sonny” (SOLD – CONGRATS JANE)

2003 15h Registered Paint Mare | Fox Hunter

Sonny is a registered paint mare with significant hunt, trail, and cross country experience. Sonny is brave and very settled on the trails and out hunting with a sensible brain. She has hunted first and second field with confidence and has done extensive novice level cross country schooling. She is happy anywhere you put her in the field of horses out hunting. Her ideal home would be a second field hunter and active trail rider but has the capability to do more!
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