The key to a good ride rests on saddle comfort and fit for both horse and rider. That’s why Lindsay trusts Antarès. They are “driven by performance and the search for excellence” and it shows. Between the quality of the saddles, impeccable customer service, horse and saddle fit knowledge and attention to details, Antarès is unmatchable. And even better, the saddles fit multiple horses, so Lindsay has less tack to schlep around. Her entire team is now capable of performing at their highest level with happy horses and comfortable riders.
With over 28 horses in her barn, Lindsay needs a nutrition program that easily can be tailored to each horse’s individual needs. Purina grains offer exactly what she needs. They are precisely formulated for each horse’s age and lifestyle and the results show from the inside out. Purina is committed to providing the best nutrition by constantly researching equine nutrition and updating their feeds accordingly. Lindsay’s eventers and foxhunters are always at the top of their game thanks to Purina!
Sagmae is Lindsay’s go-to partner for high quality tack and equipment. Sagmae selects the best of the best products and puts them in one online store, making buying tack and equipment super easy. And their customer service is excellent! Lindsay and her eventers especially love Sagmae’s top quality bridles and titanium bits.
To obtain sponsorship information and learn more about how Lindsay Kelley and Phase2 Performance Horses can create brand awareness and growth for your company, please contact Lindsay.
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