I have had the pleasure of teaching Lindsay Kelley now for the past two plus years, and she possesses the attributes necessary to be a top rider. She is fearless, a tireless worker, a consummate horsewoman, and has the ambition that will take her as far as she desires. I am sure she has great things ahead of her.

- William Coleman

3-Day Eventing Olympic Athlete, Trainer

I have had the good fortune of working with many eventing and fox hunting professionals over the last twenty years while practicing in our region, the epicenter of eventing and fox hunting in America. I see Lindsay Kelley as one of the best and brightest in the sport. She brings together an exceptional combination of riding skill, compassion for the horse, and communication and empathy for her clients. Lindsay has demonstrated time and again how to make the best decisions for her team in order to reach the most successful outcomes. I fully expect to see her advance up the levels in the eventing sport over the next few years. She and her clients and horses are a pleasure to work with.

- John Nolan

DVM, The Piedmont Equine Practice

Whether Lindsay is galloping down to an intimidating seemingly un-jumpable fence, trotting a young horse over his first cross rail or riding a flat race for me, her composure, professionalism and putting the horse first is unmatched by her peers. And she does it all with a big smile on her face. When I have a horse that I know will not work out for my needs, Lindsay is one of the first phone calls I make. I know she takes the best care of the horses, her turn out is impeccable and she gives them all the opportunities they need. I miss having her in my barn.

- Neil Morris

Head Trainer, Kinross Racing

For the past five years we have valued our 360 relationship with Lindsay. She is a talented and highly regarded professional with a keen ability to assess the entire rider-horse relationship and determine the suitability of the pair. Lindsay has trained, instructed, sold, and coached for us to our highest level of satisfaction. Simply put, we are thrilled to be working with Lindsay and will continue to do so for years to come.

- Chris and Laurie Ambrose

Phase 2 Clients

Character. Expertise. Empathy. These are the qualities that come to mind when I think of the professionals I would entrust with my horses. Character includes a strong sense of responsibility and reliability, as well as integrity. Expertise requires in-depth experience in the important aspects of equine care, handling, training and riding, preferably across more than one horse sport, and underscored by a continuous desire to learn more. And empathy is the desire to seek understanding of the needs and motivations of the individual horse … and perhaps also, the individual owner! I found all of these qualities at Phase 2 Performance Horses, in the person of Lindsay Kelley. Lindsay was recommended to me by esteemed horseman Neil Morris when I was looking for a trainer to introduce one of my young horses to fox hunting. I was immediately impressed by Lindsay’s expertise in that field, and delighted to find that she also worked with event horses. Since that time Lindsay has trained and competed several of my homebred and home-raised youngsters, from baby eventers navigating their first cross-country course to challenging upper-level competitors, as well as the occasional foxhunter, from first outing to staff mount. She has given each of them the highest level of care and development, and has helped them find their strengths and overcome their shortfalls. She accomplishes this while keeping the owner fully informed of each horse’s progress and plans, to the degree that the individual owner prefers…which in my case, is enjoyment of every detail from schooling trends to competition schedule to pasture buddy preference. She is as intrigued as I am to observe each horse’s thought process, and never ceases to analyze and research ways to guide the horse to the best results over the long term. Lindsay has brought home her fair share of ribbons with my horses, but what I appreciate more is her optimism and love for the horses and the sport, and the pleasure that she and I both enjoy in developing these youngsters into the successful horses they were bred to be. My husband and I are looking forward to many more exciting and rewarding seasons with Lindsay and our little band of happy and healthy sport horses.

- Rae Carson

Rae Carson

Exceptional is the only word I would use to characterize Lindsay Kelley’s talent, drive, and promise of upper level Eventing success. I first met her almost 7 years ago breezing race horses for Neil Morris on the hills behind our Virginia farm. She has since developed an impeccable reputation as the go-to trainer of top horses for the hunt field in the middle Atlantic, with her clients winning numerous awards, including the North American Field Hunter Championship in 2014. She has used this demanding, winter intensive business to support her top goal of Eventing successfully at the upper levels. Lindsay has made all her own horses from scratch, most taken from off the track or the timber circuit. Some of the horses she has made are now competing for others at the advanced level, which reinforces the common fact that young, and up and coming eventers often have to sell some of their best horses in order to support their long term goals. As an original member of the Event Owners Task Force, I know that determination, sacrifice and the willingness to put the interests of the horses and the owners first are the characteristics of leading eventers. Lindsay demonstrates all this every day, and in spades, and as one of her enthusiastic supporters, I look forward to watching her succeed as well.

- Shannon Stimson

Phase 2 Client, Supporter, and Owner

Lindsay is a patient and hardworking instructor who knows how to keep things interesting! I came to Lindsay as a disgruntled hunter jumper and within a few months I was doing Novice level eventing. Since working with Lindsay, my confidence has skyrocketed and my riding skills are constantly improving. Lindsay’s positive attitude, professionalism, and ability to give clear instruction keep me motivated to work hard to take my riding to the next level.

- Abigail Poe

Phase 2 Student

Lindsay Kelley has managed my New Zealand thoroughbred for several years with exceptional results. He’s athletic and well conditioned – a sound and happy horse who hunts first field with Piedmont Fox Hounds in the fall and winter and competes in Three-Day events in the summer. As an adult amateur rider with little time to stay riding-fit between hunts, I depend on Lindsay to have my horse ready in every way. She teaches me the techniques I need to know to ride my horse both safely and aggressively. Lindsay is a fine coach and supportive in the hunt field – keeping me brave, and making sure it always stays fun.

- Mary Munford Catlett

Phase 2 Client

Chrome arrived in the barn in December of 2012, picked up from a race horse training facility in central Maryland. We knew he hadn’t raced and his groom said he was a big teddy bear. With a chewed up shortened tail and a bewildered look we led him off the trailer and into his stall. The first few days were without incident, he settled right in. He spent his first winter in a field with retired field hunters, shoeless and blanketless most of the time as the retirees thought it was sport to remove his blanket. His first year at Phase 2 was spent learning the basics, and he didn’t seem to mind at all–Lindsay took great care in bringing him along at his own pace and before long he was learning and growing. Tacking up, shoeing, ring work, trailering and ride out he seemed to thrive in as his new life began. The second winter he stayed on the farm and was in light work, and in the Spring of 2014, he began to bloom into a solid performer. In the summer of 2014 Chrome went on his first trail ride. He was such a good student, he progressed into more trail rides with me, his “hanger on” of an owner and then he started cubbing and now is a full fledged field hunter who has been out for over three hours several times and handled himself and his owner extremely well. My thanks to Lindsay and the grooms of Phase 2 – they have done a remarkable job, turning this OTTB into a real gentleman at only 5 years old!

- Leonard Brown

Leonard Brown

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